Working Remote ≠ Bad Meetings

Collaborative meeting notes connected to your calendar.

Meetly helps ensure everyone come prepared to the meeting and are always up to date with all the decisions, approvals, files, and tasks.

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Working remote makes it even more important to document your meetings as a team

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Easy to start:

Connect your calendar

Sign up with your google or outlook accounts and all your meetings will show up in meetly.
Choose which types of meetings you want to upload to meetly.

Track decisions:

Keep everyone accountable

Don't let a decision get lost in translation after people leave a meeting.
Log important decisions and assign necessary tasks so your team is always on the same page.
Send reminders to confirm and acknowledge decisions

Everything in one collaborative space:

Create and assign tasks

Assign action items and set due dates.
Everything in meetly is searchable and sharable.

Everything is organized and easily accessible:

Stay organized

Everything you need for your meeting in one place.
Easily search through all your meeting notes.
Reference past decisions and open action items from within your current meeting.

Improve collaboration and communication:

Easier collaboration, better visibility

Create agendas as a team.
Document and delegate tasks.
Keep everyone in the loop with automatic meeting summaries, agenda reminders and tasks check-ins

  • Create agendas as a team
  • Document and delegate tasks.
  • Keep everyone in the loop with automatic meeting summaries.
Productive meeting

Easy. Intuitive. Organized.

Just a few steps to get started

Easy to start:

Set and share the agenda

Meetly injects the meeting link into the calendar invite so everyone can easily see the meeting's agenda and come prepared.

Everything in one collaborative space:

Assign tasks, document decisions

Assign action items and document the team's decisions.
Everything in meetly is searchable and sharable.

Works with the tools you already use:

push action items to your favorite tracking tool

Meetly makes it easy to send action items to the most popular tracking tools.
Track action items that were assigned during the meeting using your favorite project management tool.

Productive meeting
Easy to share with everyone:

Share the meeting summary

Use your favorite communication tool to share a summary of what happened in the meeting.
Even people who were not in the meeting are kept up to date.

Get the most out of your recurring meetings

recurring meetings

Everything at your fingertips

Looking for notes from the last product design meeting?
Need to find an old action item?
Easily search through your notes, decisions and action items.

Make it your own

Decide how you want to run your meeting.
Add and remove any type of widget into your workspace.

Keep everyone engaged and informed

Create agendas together, make collaborative decisions or share notes.
Send the meeting summary at the end.

Everyone come prepared

Create and share the meeting agenda so everyone show up ready and prepared.

Turn agenda items into actionable tasks

Make decisions, create tasks and push them to your favorite tracking tool, all during the meeting.

Stay on top of your recurring meetings

Get a quick overview of what happened during the last meeting.
Start by reviewing last meeting's action items.

Meetly automatic notifications and reminders will ensure everyone is feel inclusive and accountable.

Collect agenda before
Open action items reminders
Share the summary
Meeting Assistant

Send the meeting minutes to everyone with one click

Take notes, assign tasks and confirm decisions - when the meeting is over send the summary to everyone with a single click.

Prepare agenda
Track action items
Take notes
Send summary
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Your very own Meeting Assistant

Create healthy meeting habits automatically, Meetly's automatic notifications help you and your team come prepared, and avoid unnecessary meetings.

Meetly's automated reminders and follow up email system will help you and your team come prepared, take actions and acknowledge decisions all without lifting a finger.

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Create and share meeting notes templates

Customize templates to fit your meeting and track what's important to you.

Share the templates with your team to guarantee a successful meeting.

view templates

Meetly makes it easy for remote teams to come prepared, take notes and keep track of tasks and decisions.


Connect your calendar

Meetly will automatically setup workspaces for your meetings


Apply template

Click on a meeting then choose a template or create your own


Follow and share

Share the workspace with your team and follow the template together

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